Abstract Submision

Abstract Submision

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Topical Areas

This year PetroPhase conference wants to honor the life of Dr. Jefferson Creek and Professor Scott Fogler. We would like to express our acknowledgment for all their contributions to PetroPhase community, academy and petroleum industry during the last 20 years. It was an honor to meet them, and we are confident that his legacy will endure our future conferences.
The topical sessions for PetroPhase 2022 will be designed based on the number and quality of abstract received. The primary topical sessions were:

Petroleum Chemistry

Analysis and characterization of petroleum chemical species including asphaltenes, maltenes and their fractions, characterization of carbon-based materials, oils from waste or by-products, among other research.

Petroleum Properties

Phase equilibria, physical properties, physical & chemical associations, fluid interactions, etc.

Emulsions and interfacial phenomena

From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and handling of petroleum emulsion in production, refining operations as well as produced water management and waste management.

Flow Assurance

From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and management of flow assurance issues related to hydrates, asphaltenes, wax, and naphthenic acid salts. Behavior and simulation of multiphase flows. Heavy crude oil transportation.

Conventional and unconventional resources

Thermodynamic modelling, gas EoR/IoR, Chemical EoR and Microemulsions, diffusion, adsorption film, new lab experiments, phase kinetics, geochemical kinetic modelling, kerogen interaction, fluid prediction in basin modelling, molecular simulation.

Petroleum and Energy Transition

The challenge of the energy transition in the oil industry focused on decarbonization, CO2 capture and storage, waste treatment (pyrolysis and biomass-based oils), the use of by-products (circular economy), development of new carbon-based materials, among other research.

Upgrading & Fouling

From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and management of fouling from asphaltenes, coking, and long chain polymerization (gum deposits) in heat exchangers, furnaces, and other refinery units, as well as upgrading of heavy oil and its application in oil production.

Submission Instructions

The abstract must follow the template linked below. Your abstract cannot exceed 1 page, which is approximately 500 words without an image. The abstract authors have been notified of acceptance. If you did not receive your status notification please email: petrophase2022@unired.edu.co

Instructions To Authors

  • Presentation should not exceed 18 minutes and will be followed by a four-minute timeframe for questions.
  • Please, refer to the final program on the website for the day and the time of your presentation.
  • Prepare your presentation with PowerPoint using the template.
  • The conference room is equipped with a PC computer running Windows and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Please bring your presentation to the conference on a USB drive to upload to conference PC during registration.

Brand and Templates

Brand & Presentations

Download the event branding manual and two powerpoint presentations as a guide.

Poster Guidelines

Posters should be printed in portrait orientation, please use the template.

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